Study Groups

Our study groups are for Individuals who are enrolled in the Education and are looking for collaboration and support in maximizing their online education experience while networking with local community members. We are here to help each other succeed. Come join us!

Super Saturday Marketing and Real Estate Intensive Workshops

There is a reason we call it “Super Saturday!” Twice a month we hold an Intensive Marketing and Real Estate Workshop.  Successful investors give you expert insight into today’s hottest real estate topics. Our featured speakers are professionals who practice the strategies and philosophies they teach arming you with essential information for profitable real estate investing in the current market.  Join like-minded entrepreneurs in your quest for wealth through real estate at our upcoming Intensive.

Real Estate Investor Briefings

You have the opportunity to meet members of our investing team and to be introduced to the company that provides the education each member of our team utilizes to actually go out and do successful real estate transactions.

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Workshops and Events

You have the opportunity to join an elite group of real estate investors. Before making that decision we invite you to come check us out, find out who we are, what we do, and see us in action. These workshops and events are not open to the public, you can attend by invitation only. Because of our affiliation, network, and connections to the real estate investing edcuation we utiilze we have the ability to purchase a group ticket. Click on the Register Now buttons to receive an exclusive invite.